• Lešić: "Olimpija is a club with great tradition"

    23. Sep 2015.

    Sava Lešić, who we could also describe as an »ABA League veteran« is back to the competition and he reinforced Union Olimpija. We spoke to the player about his motives and expectations ahead of the forthcoming season in Ljubljana.

  • Jenkins: "True champions know how to respond"

    2. May 2015.

    His smile on a free throw-line at the very end of the semi-final series against Partizan NIS will forever stay in memory of the fans of Crvena zvezda Telekom. That is Đenka, as they call him. He is smiling, he is enjoying and most importantly he is winning.

  • Vučević: "I'll always remember my last game in ABA"

    27. Apr 2015.

    NBA crowd in Pionir Hall. Nikola Vučević, player of Orlando Magic, was sitting next to the court, watching live the Game 2 of the big ABA League finals between Crvena zvezda Telekom and Cedevita.

  • Gordić: "Cedevita like Partizan in 2012/13"

    9. Apr 2015.

    Before opening of 2014/15 ABA League Playoffs, Nemanja Gordić spoke about expectations before the clashes with Budućnost VOLI but also about his memories of 2013, when he won the trophy with Partizan NIS. Take a look.

  • Savović: "We have quality and we will show it"

    12. Apr 2015.

    When Budućnost VOLI lost the second game against Cedevita in this season, the club decided to sign Boris Savović to strengthen the team roster. Will he be the player who will make difference between two sides in the upcoming Playoffs?

  • Murić: "We'll be ready"

    12. Apr 2015.

    Partizan NIS crew is fired up for the start of the ABA League Playoffs. The team is making final preparations for the first game, and Edo Murić believes that the black and whites are ready for the start.

  • Kalinić: "I can hardly wait for the first game"

    12. Apr 2015.

    Only two days to go... The ABA League Playoffs are just about to start, and all basketball fans are eager to watch the first games of the series. And, they are not alone. Nikola Kalinić, player of Crvena zvezda Telekom, share their eagerness.

  • Bilan: "Pressure from fans will not be a problem"

    9. Apr 2015.

    Before the beginning of playoffs we spoke with Miro Bilan, who is convinced that the fact that Cedevita doesn't have a home court advantage in the playoffs, will not be a huge problem for his team.

  • Paunić: "I am convinced in win"

    9. Apr 2015.

    The interesting thing about the semi-final series between Budućnost VOLI and Cedevita is that the Zagreb side won both clashes in the regular season with the same result - 80:70. However, Ivan Paunić, a player of Budućnost VOLI, is convinced that the outcome will be totally different in the Playoffs.

  • Williams: "Play hard, focus on us"

    8. Apr 2015.

    Marcus Williams is the brain of the whole gameplay of Crvena zvezda Telekom. He will lead red and white troops in the big battle against the eternal rival, and try to bring his team to the ABA League finals.