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Wednesday, 30.04.2008. 13:08

Aleksandar Džikić, Union Olimpija coach, definitely has something to do with the basketball fever which shaked Ljubljana in recent days. He succeeded to make the Slovenian Euroleague team competitive again and was only a step from making a big surprise by defeating Partizan Igokea in the semi-final…

Hemofarm head-coach Vlada Vukoičić was this year for the third time playing for the regional league trophy. Although Hemofarm was not ranked as one of the top favourites not even for qualifying for the big final he proved that he is specialized for playing big games but at the last level Partizan Igokea eventually was too strong. Despite the defeat in the final Vukoičić was very satisfied …

There was not a lot of time to celebrate the trophy but partisan Igokea nonetheless didn’t hide how satisfied was with the great achievement in Ljubljana. Become the first team in the regional league history which succeeded to win the trophy for the second time in a row is something which will be written in the league’s history and will stay in the memories of all players. Here we publish some statements from Partizan ...

After a great season Nikola Peković got another prestigeous recognition. After the Saturday's final between Partizan Igokea and Hemofarm Stada he was chosen the MVP of the final tournament according to the votes from journalist. The latter were almost unanimous in their decision!

For the first time in the seven-year history of the regional league one team won the trophy in two consecutive year. Partizan Igokea keeps marching through the regional league after today's victory in the final against Hemofarm Strada. The game was decided in the third period when Partizan escaped for 15 points.

After 40 dramatic minutes Partizan Igokea grabbed the victory against Union Olimpija and qualified for the 2008 NLB League final. The team from Belgrade now has the chance to win the second regional league trophy in a row on Saturday when it will meet Hemofarm Stada in the big final.


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