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Regular season 03/04
  1. I. Rakočević (C. z.) 22,5
  2. D. Milojević (Bud) 20,5
  3. D. Marcelić (Zadar) 16,9
  4. F. Ćolak (Šir.) 16,2
  5. S. Dončić (Laško) 15,9

  1. D. Milojević (Bud) 10,8
  2. N. Marjanović (Bud) 7,2
  3. A. Žižić (Cib) 6,9
  4. M. Bader (Krka) 6,1
  T. Smith (Split) 6,1
  M. Rakočević (Lov) 6,1

  1. C. McCants (Split) 4,6
  2. I. Rakočević (C. z.) 4,4
  3. M. Vanjak (Šir.) 4,2
  4. I. Tomas (Zag.) 4
  5. J. S. Penn (Cib.) 3,6

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  Final Four 2003

Djokic: Our goal is National Championship now

Bosko Djokic When it came out that Vlade Durovic stepped down as the head-coach of Reflex the team was immediately ranked as the total outsider for the Final Four tournament in Zagreb. But the management of the club found a fireman for the fire that broke out on Thursday morning. It was Bosko Dokic who took the challenge, the same man who started his career in BC Ivo Lola Ribar from Zeleznik in 1979 where the captain of the team was Nebojsa Covic, nowadays one of the important people in the club. Ever since nobody has really forgotten Dokic brought the team into the first division in 1995. Those most devoted fans awaited Reflex in front of the home hall in the suburb of Belgrade on Sunday night and the party continued in a well-known club Bombo until the early morning.

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Reflex stepped at the throne of Goodyear League
Players of Reflex with Goodyear league trophyIt finally came the sweetest moment for Reflex which stepped at the throne of Goodyear League in its first year, participating in that competition, defeating Cibona 71:70, the big favourite of the game which waits for the title for already three years and stayed empty hand after a real thriller. The Drazen Petrovic's Hall is a place that will be forever written in Reflex's historical books after winning the biggest thropy in its club's history. And even how! Let's remember the team from the suburb of Belgrade came without its head-coach Vlade Durovic in Zagreb after the legendary coach stepped down just two days before the final tournament and the management of the club then brought Bosko Đokic instead on Thursday. He did not even see players before Friday when the semi-final begun! What a miracle, what a joy for Reflex who was this season just a step from the ULEB's Cup final and a step from the National Cup Trophy in S&MN. Injuries, problems the team had to deal with in the last couple of weeks – everything was forgotten on Sunday. Richard Johnson, the president of Sava Tyres Goodyear management gave the big trophy to the ambitious and excellent young team, the same trophy that was already in the possession of Union Olimpija and Zadar in previous two years, while the director of Goodyear League Josip Bilic gave also the small trophy that will forever stay in the possession of the team.

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Prahin got a car from Kia after a lottery
KIA LotteryWhat a joy, what a luck. The new car Pia Picanto, given by one of the Goodyear League's sponsors Kia, got its owner during the final game of the tournament on Sunday. It was Davor Prahin from Zagreb who was the luckiest among all spectators who bought a ticket for the final. The organiser held a draw during the game bringing four spectators on the court after the first half. They had to compete in free throws and since there were two with the same score at the end the draw decided the winner. Prahin made two three throws from three attempts and then had more luck in a final lottery.

Dejan Milojevic: I regret not being at the FF
There was no doubt who is the best player of Goodyear League throughout the whole season as head-coaches of the participating clubs were mostly impressed by Buducnost’s center Dejan Milojevic. Unfortunately he was not able to play at the Final Four in Zagreb since Buducnost did not assure the place among the best four teams therefore the MVP trophy was taken by his ex-head-coach Miodrag Baletic who will give it to Milojevic at the next game Buducnost will play in the National Championship of S&MN.

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Jordi Bertomeu: Participants of ULEB cup and Euroleague will have to play the Goodyear league
Jordi BertomeuAt the press conference organised in Zagreb during the Final Four Mr. Jordi Bertomeu, Eurolegaue's CEO, confirmed that all the clubs from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro which will compete in ULEB cup and Euroleague in the future, will have to play also in Goodyear league. He also expressed great satisfaction with the development of the Goodyear league, saying that the decision was a logical consequence, since Goodzear league became very stable and consolidated project. Besides, it was confirmed Maccabi will not play in Goodyear league in the next season, when the Final Four will be held in Belgrade. Another change also came in the competition system since the best eight teams from the regular season will play for the final trophy.

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Next season without Maccabi

Radovan LorbekThe director of ABA Radovan Lorbek informed Maccabi will not play in Goodyear League for the next season when 4 teams from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro and two from Bosnia and Herzegovina will participate. He also explained the final eight will be played in the future with Belgrade hosting the Final Four 2005.

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Zezelj: Incident should not bring negative conclusions about Goodyear league

Igor ZezeljSince the group of hooligans attacked Red Stars's director Igor Zezelj and journalist Daniel Bukumirovic on late Friday evening ABA and organizers of the Final Four held a press-conference. »Immediately after the incident we had the emergency meeting where we all condemned what happened in front of hotel Panorama. We were shocked when we heard what happened to our friend and member of our league Igor Zezelj. That was the action of a group of hooligans, an action nobody with a common sense would do,« said director of Goodyear League Josip Bilic who attended the conference along with Cibona's director Bozo Milicevic, ABA's director Radovan Lorbek and Igor Zezelj.

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Cibona VIP overplayed Union Olimpija 97:81

Davor Kus i Marino Bazdaric u borbi za loptu na susretu Cibona - OlimpijaCibona over-plaved Union Olimpija 97:81
Cibona proved to be the favourite of this year's Goodyear League over-playing Union Olimpija in the second semi-final game of the final tournament on Friday 97:81 (25:19, 27:18, 28:19, 17:25). The game was decided aready in the first half after the hosting team escaped for more then 20 points. Regardless of injuries Cibona had to face lately it left the court with a brilliant impression while Union Olimpija was just unrecognizable.

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Reflex defeated Crvena zvezda after two over-times

Rakocevic i Freeman na susretu Reflex - Crvena zvezdaReflex defeated Crvena zvezda after two over-times 113:110. The Final Four could not start better then it had. Two city rivals from Belgrade, Reflex and Crvena zvezda, had to face each other in the first semi-final game of the final tournament with Reflex having more concentration in the second over-time played on Friday 113:110 (27:22, 19:30, 24:19, 19:18, 10:10, 14:11). Nontheless Igor Rakocevic had a fantastic evening, bagging 38 points, he was just not helped enough by his teammates in Crvena zvezda.

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ABA condemns the attack on BC Red Star director

Milojević won the Sportske novosti Trophy

Sašo Filipovski: Regarding Europe we are quite a miracle

Different paths toward the Final Four

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Cibona's statements:

Djokic new head coach of Reflex

Đurović stepped down as head-coach of Reflex

Anzulović: We are favourites at the Final Four

Team from Belgrade were not able to come at the press conference

Bertomeu and Rigas confirmed the arrival in Zagreb

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