Cibona with Siriščević and Planinić into 2014

3. January 2014, 17:47

After Cibona lost some players at the end of the year, the club does everything to fill the emptied positions. The newcomer is Ivan Siriščević while Darko Planinić was returned to the main team.

Photo: aba
Planinić refused to play under a strick financial conditions few weeks ago but both sides reached an agreement at the beginning of the new year and he is now back with the team, which is coached by Slaven Rimac. Only one day later another announcement followed with the arrival of Siriščević, who was playing for Split until December. Sirščević grew up with Split but was also playing for Dubrovnik and Široki as well fom clubs from Austria, Hungary and Romain. he returned to Split last year, when Filip Krušlin broke his leg.


Siriščević u dresu Cibone

Ivan Siriščević do kraja sezone nosit će dres Cibone. Siriščević je ponikao na Gripama, a igrao je još za Dubrovnik, Široki te klubove u Austriji, Mađarskoj i Rumunjskoj. Sredinom prošle sezone vratio se na Gripe, a sada će karijeru nastaviti među zagrebačkim Vukovima. Postignut je i dogovor između Košarkaškog kluba Cibona i Darka Planinića pa se Planinić vraća u momčad Cibone. Već će u subotu, u susretu protiv Olimpije,  Slaven Rimac moći računati na Planinića na centarskoj poziciji.

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