Ups and downs on both sides in Belgrade

10. December 2012, 01:18

It was the third period, which gave Partizan m:ts a push to go ahead and secure a victory against MZT Skopje Aerodrom at home.

Photo: aba
»Most of the game we had a good defense but we still had a lot of ups and downs. When we were ahead for 10 to 12 points we never succeeded to totally escape but allowed the opponent to come back. I told players before the game than MZT is a very tough opponent and I still have the same opinion. Every game in ABA League is very important and we have to play at our maximum,« said Partizan m:ts coach Duško Vujošević.

»Partizan was better. We came to Belgrade with a clear goal to play as good as possible but when you have 21 turnovers and you don't take advantage of fast breaks you can not win the game. We had some good moments but also some very bad ones. We will have to seek points against other opponents on our home court,« said MZT Skopje Aerodrom coach Aleš Pipan.

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