Szolnoki Olaj stays at the bottom

9. December 2012, 00:53

Szolnoki Olaj came to Zadar only days after coach Peter Por was moved from his position but the change still hasn't bring any results.

Photo: aba
»I congratulate my players for three brilliant periods. We were good in offense and in defense. Later we relaxed too much and we proved we are not able to play the same if things go too smooth for us. This is the price we have to pay but it will be better. It was to be or not to be game for our escape from the bottom of the standings,« said Zadar's coach Ante Nazor.

»We are not able to play better at this point. The team has no self-confidence. With such a shooting percentage we had it is impossible to fight with Zadar. We wanted o have a control over rebounding and the game but Zadar was better in the first half and decided the winner already during this period. Later we approached with the zone,« said Dragan Aleksić from Szolnoki Olaj.

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