Cibona inks Dario Šarić

28. November 2012, 18:04

The long lasted saga around the Daro Šarić case finished on Wednesday, when the talented Croatian center signed a 4-year deal with Cibona.

Photo: aba
»It was not easy to decided which club to pick, when, where but fortunately nobody forced me to anything. I don't say it wasn't a difficult period, everything will be easier when I will play my first game. But the decision for Cibona is totally mine after this club came out as the last one a minute over noon,« said Šarić, who played his last game for any club in spring, when he was still under the contract with Zagreb CO.

Accoridng to the news from the club a privat company Klemm Security will pay the 550.000 Euros fee FIBA Europe determined it needs to be paid to his previous club zagreb CO.

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